The eponymous Kevin met another chap named Kevin.
The other Kevin was furious.
He’d gone to a great deal of effort to get a poem named after him,
And despite being in a poem called “Kevin”,
In which he was clearly the main protagonist,
He still didn’t get his name in the title.
The other Kevin fumed,
He wasn’t happy at all.
The Eponymous Kevin watched on, chewing toffees.

Threat neutralised

The rusted warhead posed a risk to shipping.
Admiral Barnhoff, tasked with resolving the issue,
Wrinkled his nose, twirled his moustache, and considered the situation deeply.
Scouring his experience from 50 years in the service, he formed a robust strategy.
The resulting blast created a crater 175 feet across, closed the canal for 3 months, and eviscerated a heron.
A smile tweaked Barnhoff’s jowl.
The threat could be considered neutralised.
There would be a medal in this for sure.


Concentration, Focus, and Attention vacated the premises.
Distraction and The Absent Mind given free reign.
The Absent Mind gazed into the middle distance,
Lids heavy.
Distraction hypothesised about the adept trio’s journey.
Where did they go?
What were they doing?
When would they return?
Things were falling apart without them.
Dishes piled up.
Podcasts and clips filled the void.
The Mind gazed on.
Fourteen sparrows hopping about a garden no more than 10 square metres in area.