Mysterious silence

Morning all,

Just thought I’d write a very quick post to apologise for the massive lack of posts going up here for the past few months.

I’m currently studying a PhD, and am now in the “terrified because the end is almost upon me” stage. Sadly that means I’ve had very little time to get out and about, and when I’ve had time to do that, I’ve not had time to write about anything.

This post is essentially just a place-holder, to say sorry all has been silent for a while, and I’ve not vanished, I’m just hibernating in a big horrible mess of thesis stress.

The Rambling Ecologist should be returning vaguely properly in the summer.

Until then, wish me luck.


4 thoughts on “Mysterious silence

  1. Morning Dave, can’t wait til my favourite blog returns. Good luck with your thesis writing. I’d really like to know what a thesis looks like, perhaps you could post a picture?
    Best wishes
    An avid reader

  2. Something I’d be very interested to hear about are the adders on the moors above Sheffield. I’ve heard that this time of year and during early summer if you go to the right spot you can see them basking on rocks in the sunshine. They’d make a great photographic subject. When the thesis is done why not go and see if you can find some?

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