Another Mysterious Silence

Morning all,

My apologies for the lack of posts recently. There are of course a few posts on my time up in the northern territory in prep at the moment. Unfortunately due to the volunteer agreement with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, I can’t publish a photo until it has been ok’d by the AWC media person. This means it might be a little while before anything gets posted.

An arbitrary picture of me to keep your eyes happy
An arbitrary picture of me to keep your eyes happy

In the meantime, I’ve spent a couple of weeks up in Cairns and Melbourne doing a bit of planning. Melbourne is a delightful change of place, as it is actually cold here. It reminds me of the UK in late autumn. Melbourne itself is a lovely city, which I believe has just won the award for the world’s most “liveable” city (which it has won several times before)… whatever that means. It’s very relaxed but upbeat. There are more coffee shops than I know what to do with, and it seems that everyone in the city goes to these coffee shops to have meetings… all the time. I’m glad that in addition to my various hiking gear I have a smart shirt… they don’t need to know that it cost $2 from a charity shop…

The other excellent thing about Melbourne is its vast array of outdoor equipment shops. This is particularly handy as I plan for the next phase of my trip which is going to involve a lot more of the walking aspect of the overarching “walking and Ecology” theme of this blog. More on that once it’s more thoroughly planned though.

I’ve also just been off on a slightly different tourist experience, on a road trip with Dan (from Singapore). Unfortunately my camera is currently not talking to my tablet, and indeed it died half way through the trip anyway, meaning pictures are not going to be available for a while, and blog posts are going to be rare. In the meantime, I’m off to Scotia, another AWC sanctuary, to do some spotlighting and mammal trapping surveys for a few weeks. Hopefully that will be the source of a few more posts… if I ever get clearance to post some photos.

Anyway, my apologies for the huge lack of posts. I’ll fix it asap.

Until next time


One thought on “Another Mysterious Silence

  1. Do push to get your photos cleared as it would be great to see some. Sounds like you’re still getting to go to some really excellent places, would be interesting to hear about them. Any ecologically interesting places visited in Singapore? How did the spotlighting and mammal trapping go? What species were being targeted and why? Hope all’s well.

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